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Name:The Doctor (The Tardis's Doctor)
Birthdate:Mar 12
Primary Verse:

My default is canon. This helps me to avoid de fault.

I also apparently do puns now. (And I have a sonic magnifying glass. Just because.)

Secondary Verses:

Memetastic!/Lonely!Doc!Verse(River's may ignore as desired): Largely for memes, but occasionally for other uses.) We beat the silence early; Melody is living wonderfully happy with her mother - she calls me uncle. I visit regularly. A good reminder of why I shouldn't take companions. They're clearly better off without me.

Conservationists!verse:Shag loving aliens Alien conservationists have decided to preserve the Time Lord race (or at least a close approximation) by mating together various Time Lords - alternate Doctors, Handys, meta-crises Donna's, Masters, and various time lords stolen from time and space (or, indeed, just random beings they don't believe would "pollute the bloodline" beyond recovery.) Largely follows the Lonely!Doc line above, though River may also find herself unwittingly appropriated. (Verse started with the Fuck or Die meme, and grew.

FuturamaLlama-DUCK!Verse - information below.

The Doctor?

No. Future! Doctor. Like the Doctor, only better - Doctor's don't get older, they just age like fine wine, or good cheese, or other little things you might eat - are you hungry? No - wait, point... right!

Future Doctor. Possibly your future, possibly not, but don't worry because I'm not here to spoil - I'm just here for fun. And food. And maybe a monster or two.

Fishsticks and custard, anyone?

The Ponds

Don't travel with me full time anymore; they got all nice and settled down in a house. With extra children on the side - not concieved in the TARDIS, thank you very much.

We still go places, of course; lots of places. Really cool places, the sort of places you totally want to see, and which you're totally allowed to come on, because I am quite frankly bored of sitting here and typing all this at you.

The Pondlings

The Pondlings; nice girls; sweet things. Eternal thorn in the backside - love them utterly; always do. Next question? No? Better go on.

Lily Leela and Rose Romana Pond - named by me if you hadn't guessed - are the most adorable scoundrals I've ever had the misfortune of being honored to meet; I tell them that every time, just to see the looks on their faces when they rework it out - Lily smirks. Rose just sort of stares, with this little smile in her eye.

Lily takes after her mother - Rose takes after her father, or at least pretends to. They blow things up. And have time machines. Which, if their mother asks, I had no idea would happen when I took them on a trip to the Time Agency. It's obviously River's influence, anyhow.

Either way, they're my Pondlings, I'm their Doctor - I'm everybody's Doctor, really, they just keep trying to claim me - and at the end of my visits everybody goes their own way home. Theoretically.


Sorry, no; bit between them at the moment, anyhow, might take someone on if I happen to meet them, don't know. Lily and Rose swear they're going to travel with me when they're older, but I'm somewhat reluctant to skip that far into their future and see precisely what trouble they've done; and Amy isn't letting them out of her house until they're eighteen at least - after which she will undoubtedly send them to college; after which they will undoubtedly wriggle onto my ship regardless of anyone else's will, and the TARDIS will undoubtedly let them.

Lily actually calls her Auntie.


Same old same old; in jail, out of jail, sneaking into jail, aren't you supposed to be in jail? I'm told she drops by her family home without me, sometimes, but not often; she spoils the twins, who alternately go between loving and hating her - something about her doing everything first.

She's the bane of my existence, of course. Not that I mind. Steals my toys, gives sonic screwdrivers to the girls - and psychic paper! - and then chases after me with a gun, threatening marriage; if you see a ring on my finger, it's undoubtedly been superglued.

She keeps my days from being boring, though. Speaking of which, I'm going to have to wrap this up, soon - I'm stealing the Pond's computer, and someone's bound to catch on before long. Which of course I want them too, or I wouldn't be stealing theirs, but getting "caught" does tend to get distracting.


Never. Not even if you ask. Well, maybe if you ask, that depends, but probably not. I won't even mention the twins to you, unless you mention them first - they do get around a lot. Don't know where in the world they got the idea of stealing a time machine.

(OOC: The Doctor is not mine, he belongs to BBC I suppose. I am not affiliated with him, nor with Matt Smith, who's face I am merely borrowing because the Doctor beat me to it. Mun has several other muses - Including Lily and a girl named Lucy, if you must know - so will be slow at responding in some cases.

Mun and muse are 18+)
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